Still renders

Mad Science

For this image I wanted to test out the capabilities of Solid Angle’s Arnold for the first time. Although it may appear to be a little bit like a game engine, there are some complicated lighting setups running in the background and I did use a still from a game cinematic for my reference.

I found that for the most part the workflow is similar to Chaos Group’s Vray with some interesting differences. The way that you can up and down sample every aspect of the render from the Render Globals was really handy to get a lighting look really fast. With switches to turn things like reflection on and off really helped to optimize the scene for a noise free solution. Once I wrapped my head around how the sampling worked and how it affected render times I was able to create this image.

I was really impressed with the volumetric capabilities of Arnold and its seamless integration into Maya.

I used Maya and Arnold for this image. The models were downloaded from and were used for the Lighting Challenges on